Unrepresented Claimants

Xpede Medical Ltd has been in the medical legal sector for over a decade now. We understand your needs and our experienced team will support your journey as a self-representing claimant from the beginning to the end.

We understand the process of representing yourself can be daunting and it is for this reason that you will need a friendly, competent medical agency who can offer you their experience and services with a personal touch.

We have a panel of qualified medical legal experts across England and Wales and can offer you an appointment on a fast-track basis with an expert based closest to your location.

How the Official Injury Claims Portal works

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and have sustained injuries, then you can claim compensation from the insurers of the driver who was at fault. Therefore, you will need an Independent medical legal report to quantify your injuries so that the compensator can calculate your compensation.

To notify the insurer of the driver at fault of your intention to claim for compensation, including but not limited to whiplash injuries you may be entitled to compensation then you can start your claim process by visiting the Official Injury Claim portal.

You can also request a call back from us and we will be happy to walk you through the process for obtaining the Independent medical report. Please complete the below section to request a call back.

  1. Instruction received- case opened within 24 working hours
  2. Appointment booked with the client within 2 working days
  3. Client Examined by the expert
  4. Medical report forwarded within 5 days after the examination of the client